Who are you going to call at 3 AM while the police are coming to arrest you for legally defending yourself and your family?

NPSI offers three options to meet your specific, or unique needs:

  1. Texas/US Law Shield
  2. NRA Second Call
  3. Legal Shield

During a call and an interrogation you must say the “magic words”…

“I am the victim of a violent crime.”

“I will cooperate with police.”

”I want to remain silent.”

“I want an attorney present.”

If you fail to say the magic words your silence will and can be used against you in a court of law.

It is ok to get them your name/identification.

If you have any weapon or a gun in your defense plan, take five minutes and get legal protection!

TSA Could Be the Grinch of Your Christmas by Texas Law Shield

TSA gun seizures have been on the rise this year. With the holidays upon us, know what could happen if you unknowingly forget your gun in your bag while going through airport security. From the archives, click here to get this special report and find out what you must do to stay legal this holiday season. 

 Texas/US Law Shield

Texas Law Shield Member Login

This is NOT insurance; there are no deductables, caps, or reimbursable rules. Texas Law Shield is representation through criminal and civil litigation.

Multi-State Program includes ALL 50 states, Minor Child, Bail Bonds, and Expert Witness is available too.

There are several programs to ensure you are adequately served:

Text NPSI to (281) 603-0066 to receive an exclusive Platinum Plus sign-up link; or complete these forms and send to NPSI:

Sign Up! To sign up, see Ken at NPSI, or click on the form links above.  Return the form to NPSI or directly to US/Texas Law Shield. If you register through their website, use promo code NPSI.

NRA Second Call

Second Call Defense pioneered the "Rapid Response" concept, offering legal and financial protection IMMEDIATELY after you use a gun in self defense. Read more about, or sign up for NRA Second Call here.

An OFFLINE APPLICATION may also be reviewed and completed and sent to NPSI for processing.

Legal Shield

LegalShield is a pre-paid legal service for individuals, families, and businesses. For a low monthly rate, you get comprehensive legal coverage (not just for firearms related issues) from an entire law firm of professionals. They can help you with a variety of issues and provide advice whenever you need it. Read more about, or sign up for Legal Shield here.

An OFFLINE APPLICATION may also be reviewed and completed and sent to NPSI for processing.