Pistol Instructor, Basic (NRA)

Category: Instructor Training
Price: $ 199.00

To be an NRA Basic Pistol Instructor, a candidate must meet prerequisite* requirements, attend (Part 1) Basic Instructor Training (BIT) within two (2) years, and attend discipline specific (Part 2) training. Read the Instructor Training page for more information. The cost for BIT and ranges fees are not included in the price of this discipline. When you register, be sure to check the calendar for the BIT date and time.

The NRA Instructor Training Pre-course Qualification for Basic Pistol is administered after the potential Instructor Candidate has achieved a minimum score of 90 percent on the Basics of Pistol Shooting Phase I  Exam. It will take about seven (7) hours to complete.

You can read more about blended-pistol-faq blended learning on the NRA site. (http://trainingupdate.nra.org/blended-pistol-faq.aspx).


*Prerequisites: Pistol/Basic Handgun (NRA ILT), and Pistol Pre-Course Qualification (I suggest you read this and do not bring a heavy DAO trigger press, or a .45 ACP. Seven out of ten candidates get sent home. Just sayin').



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